Your Important Now

Sunday Morning Musings:   I don’t know whether I am getting closer to retirement or something else, but the weeks and days seem to be filled with more to do.  The month of May (my last of official duties) just seems so busy.  I realize that other factors including my participation in the theatrical production of Sex Please We’re Sixty, and unfortunately personal health issues are at play.  I also realize that time has not changed in one way or the other – each minute is still the same as it was years ago.

I say all of this because it speaks again of the need for balance in one’s life.   By balance I mean, doing what needs to be done, setting priorities and including in those priorities time for one’s own growth which includes rest.  Over the years I have found giving myself permission to rest is often the most difficult of all.  If I am not doing something, it seems like I am not being useful or productive.

Feeling a sense of value is a struggle I believe is a fairly common short-coming among many today.  It certainly appears more readily as one approaches the end of one’s physical life.  For me (and others) I believe that this is our spiritual life (our spirit) encouraging us to pay attention to this very important part of who we are.  Yet for the most part many neglect their spiritual life, or confuse it with a religious life.  Too often we connect “going to church” or “keeping the Ten Commandments” with being spiritual or not.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the true.  Too many religious people are not spiritual at all.  And too often spiritual people are often cast aside because they are not religious enough.  A third group, those who have been able to meld their religious and spiritual lives together, can also be misunderstood.  Out of these misunderstandings divisions arise that don’t seem to ever find reconciliation.  As a result another group has been created known as “Spiritual but not Religious” and a whole new group is founded.

As long as we keep dividing there can never be the true oneness that is intended.  It is also important that oneness or unity does not mean the same as uniformity.  We can look different but to proclaim that my way is better than anyone else’s way will only continue to separate us.  This separation, I believe, was not the intention of creation.  Every element of this universe was created out of energy and lives within and around everyone and everything.  There is a legend of a group of people who would encircle a tree and shout at it until the tree’s spirit died and the tree fell.  I like that the idea behind this story is not that people are stronger than even trees, but that even the tree has a spirit.  Many religious groups seem to have forgotten or just chosen not to accept such a belief.

Balance in life means allowing the sacred to be part of our everyday living.  It also means recognizing the spirit’s presence in all that is done.  We don’t have to wait until we are near death to live spiritually.  Rather we need to recognize that what we do matters now.  We need to realize that our true value is found in our willingness to share freely our value (our love) with others.   When the things we say and do, help others in this life, your life has great meaning and purpose.  And isn’t that the most important element of life?

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