Time to Give Thanks

Sunday Morning Musings:  In Canada, the second weekend of October is celebrated as Thanksgiving. Over time the name has changed from Harvest Thanksgiving to just a time for giving thanks.  For those of us who live in Ontario’s cottage country (no we are not all rich in money), we have so much for which to be thankful.  It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that family is truly number one on my list.  There is no doubt that I love my children and their children, but I am also thankful for my larger family even beyond siblings.  I have always been blessed to be part of a church community as well as the community in which I live.

Sometimes family can make me want to cry over the seemingly silly or downright stupid things they might do.  But for the most part they make me want to cry out of joy.  When they write poems or tell stories of their families, I find myself laughing until I cry.  Just recently my youngest granddaughter when asked about her day broke out laughing and said the funniest part of her day was her mother’s reaction to ice cubes flowing (and flowing) from the ice maker and how it had surprised her mother. Just her laughter as she remembered the incident made my day.

But I realize that not everyone (not even me) has only good days.  Often mixed in with the good are more trying times as well?  No doubt many have been told that tough and rough experiences help us grow.  As the old song reminds me, “No one ever promised me a rose garden”.  What would roses be if it weren’t for the thorns?

In my many years I have experienced both joys and sorrows – who hasn’t?  Of course, what would life be if we didn’t know what seem to be opposites: light/dark; sun/rain; and so on.  What really matters is not so much what happens to us, but what we do with the seeming mess life has given us.  When I drive through Algonquin Park in the autumn and find a thrill in the colours, I am still mindful of the horrible things that have happened in the world as well.  I know that some things may have happened years ago but the effects are still present today. That doesn’t mean that I am not responsible to do whatever I can to help others.  Yet, I also know that those hurt must want to be helped before any good can be found.

I am the first admit that I do not have the answers – does anyone?  Hatred and dis-ease can be eradicated if we wanted to do so.  But, I don’t think we are willing to put others ahead of ourselves.

I have much for which to give thanks and I will, just don’t ask me to do anything else!

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