Living with Mystery

Sunday Morning Musings:  My apologies for missing posts for last couple of weeks.  I have been on holidays so decided that I would even take a break from musing.  Certainly I know that wasn’t easy because I muse a lot.  Perhaps I just took a break from typing!!!!

I have spent much more time in nature while on vacation.  I got to hike in the Rockies and swim in the Pacific as well as walk on the Pacific Rim Trail.  It is not difficult to know why some folks tell me that they feel closest to God when they are in nature.   Everywhere I turned I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder.  I suppose that for many of the “strange” sights like a room-sized boulder in the middle of a village, or tree trunks so large one could walk inside, or the amazing comings and goings and returning again of ocean tides, can be explained scientifically.  Yet even knowing the “reasons” I still experienced the mystery,

Last week I also got to watch a one-act play about Winnie Trainor and Tom Thomson written by Grant Nickalls (who acted along with Cydney Jones) in which the audience was still left with the mystery about their relationship and Tom’s untimely death.   To me, it was all about mystery.  It was all about the idea that there are some things that don’t have or need answers.  We need to be able to live with the mystery.

The same, of course, is true about faith.  Please note that I am not talking about belief.  Belief means giving assent to a set or system of a way of thinking.    For example, I believe that the Bible contains stories of relationship and how to be in relationship.  On the other hand, to have faith in some thing is to trust even the unknown.  I have faith that what I call “God” is not a being that intervenes in our lives or this world, but exists within and around each of us as love.

I know that for some this faith is not what we have been taught to believe about God.  Some still want to express their sense of God as a male figure, while others want to be more inclusive.   Personally, I will still use both masculine and feminine terms but know that for me, God is neither and yet both.  I am okay with this understanding.  It is not about a belief but about having the confidence that God is unknown and that God is not going to judge me for what I believe or don’t believe.

What is important to me is that my faith allows me to live feeling the love and support of God.  I can’t explain it.   I don’t need to explain it.  I choose to live within the love that is all around me. When I choose not to do love, I am living outside my sense of God, or a have the feeling that I have turned my back on what is God.  For me, God is a feeling, a wonderful feeling that is full of mystery and full of love.

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